Three Times That Short-Term Self-Storage Can Be Beneficial To You

9 March 2016
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People often rely on their nearby self-storage facility as a means of supplementing the limited storage space they might have at home. Whether a person has a small home or even an apartment, being able to store surplus possessions in a nearby facility on an indefinite basis can prove to be highly convenient. However, long-term self-storage isn't the only way to approach the idea of off-site storage. Many facilities also offer short-term storage to their customers and some companies don't require rental contracts, which means that you can rent space for a very short amount of time as needed. Here are three times that short-term storage can be helpful. 

Relationship Separation

When a relationship breaks up, one of the logistical things that will need to be addressed is each person's short-term living accommodations. In many cases, one party will remain in the home while the other will spend time living with a family member or friend. The latter person will need a short-term storage solution and may not want to leave his or her possessions at the home. In this case, it's beneficial to rent space at a nearby facility for a period of months or even weeks. This way, you'll be able to live just with what you need but keep your other items nearby – which is ideal if you don't want to be around your former partner every time you need to retrieve something.  

House For Sale

Whether you're getting your home professionally staged or just giving it a significant cleanup in time to list it on the real estate market, you'll find yourself needing a temporary home for many of your possessions. It's important to store them away from your home; placing everything in your basement or garage, for example, can make these two areas look cramped. It's a better move to transport the things you don't need to a nearby self-storage facility.

Inherited Household Items

When someone close to you passes away, you might be in line to receive a large selection of household items. In many cases, it won't be convenient to move all these items to your home and begin sorting them, especially if your space is limited. It's a better idea to rent a suitably sized storage unit (from an outlet such as AAA Flying Trolley Self Storage) that can house everything until you have the time to deal with it through methods such as keeping some items and possibly donating or selling others.