Going Away To College? 4 Tips For Taking The Stress Out Of Moving

17 June 2015
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It's time to head off to college. That means it's time to plan your big move. If you've never moved before—or your parents were always in charge of the moves—you might not be too familiar with all the work that goes into planning an efficient move. Here are a few tips to help take the frustration out of moving.

Pack a Suitcase

You might not feel like unpacking everything as soon as you arrive at your dorm or apartment. You're still going to need to get to your essentials. Before you start packing the boxes, pack a small suitcase.

Your suitcase should contain everything you'll need for the first few days, including a couple changes of clothing and your personal hygiene items. If you have those items packed separately, you won't have to completely unpack as soon as you arrive, which will give you time to explore campus life right away.

Make Handles for Your Boxes

Boxes can be extremely difficult to move, especially if you've packed a lot in them. Take the work out of moving your boxes by equipping them with easy-to-use handles. Simply cut a rectangle the size of your hand on two sides of the box. Use a piece of duct tape to reinforce the edges of the holes you've cut. The handles will make it much easier to move your boxes.

Label Your Boxes

You don't want to have to open every box to figure out where they go. You also don't want to dig through all of them to find what you're looking for. Eliminate the guesswork by labeling each box.

Don't just label them with one-word descriptions. Instead, use full descriptions such as "dress clothes" or "pots and pans." This will allow you to identify the contents quickly. It will also help you place the boxes in the right rooms.

Take Pictures of Your Electronics

If you have a lot of electronic equipment, you're going to have a lot of wires to worry about. Take the headache out of memorizing where all the wires go. Before you disconnect your electronics, take a quick picture of the configuration. When you get to college, you'll be able to set up your equipment quickly by referring to the pictures you took.

If this is your first time leaving home, you want your move to go as smoothly as possible. These simple tips will help take the headaches and the work out of moving. For more information, contact movers like Bekins Van Lines Inc.