Refuting Two Myths About Self-Storage Units

11 March 2016
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When you have too many possessions to comfortably fit into your home, it might be necessary to use a self-storage rental provider. Unfortunately, there are some people that might not seriously consider this option due to a couple of common misconceptions. If you are under the impression that the following myths are true, it is important for you to know the truth behind these notions.

Myth: You Will Have To Sign A Lengthy Lease To Rent A Unit

While you may need to free space inside your house, there is a chance that you may be concerned about having to sign a lengthy contract in order to rent a storage unit. Luckily, you should be relieved to learn that many of these providers offer month to month rentals. This can be ideal for those that are unsure of how long they will need to store the items or that are concerned about being able to pay the rental costs in the future.

However, you should be aware that many of these providers offer their clients discounts for signing long-term rental contracts. Often, this is done on a sliding scale so that longer rental contracts are charged slightly less. While the exact rules for these discounts vary from provider to provider, this can be an excellent option for those that would not mind signing a lease in exchange for savings.

Myth: Storing Your Items Will Cause Them To Be Damaged

There is a common assumption among some people that the items they place in storage are almost guaranteed to suffer some form of damage. However, this does not have to be the case, and while it is common for some items to suffer some damages during storage, this is usually due to packing errors. By making sure to place your items in durable plastic boxes with lids, you can help them avoid many sources of damage. Whether it is from insects or moisture, a sealed plastic container will help to keep the items inside safe.

If you are needing to store items that are particularly sensitive, such as art or electronics, it is possible to opt for climate controlled storage to minimize the risk of these items suffering damage. While these units will have a higher cost, they can be the most effective way of safely storing these sensitive items.

Making the decision to rent a storage unit can be a smart way of reducing the clutter in your home without having to part with your favorite possessions. Understanding that signing a lengthy lease is not always required as well as the importance of following proper packing techniques will help you to make the best decision about renting a self-storage unit.

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