Five Unexpected Uses For Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Bins

29 March 2016
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Plastic storage bins are great for stowing away those out-of-season clothing items and keeping them free from moths and moisture. They are also a big help when moving heavy items like books and dishes. However, storage and moving aren't the only things you can do with heavy duty plastic storage containers. These durable, versatile containers can be used in a number of unexpected ways.

1. As mini greenhouses. Plastic storage bins can be a great place to give your garden plants an early start. Sprouting your seeds early can help extend your growing season, a big plus if you live in the upper Midwest or northeastern United States. The top removes easily so you can tend your plants and, when closed, will keep the warmth and moisture inside the bin that your plants need to thrive.

2. As a condo for your cat. Plastic storage bins can be used to create a fun (and easy-to-clean) tower for your cat or cats. Simply cut away side windows with an X-acto knife, glue two or three bins atop one another with super glue and "furnish" with cat toys and a fuzzy blanket.

3. As an ottoman (with storage). If you're handy with a sewing machine, you can create a slipcover to fit over a plastic storage bin for an easy and useful ottoman. Simply put a cushion on top of the bin and cover it with the slipcover. You can fill the bin with items you don't use often, such as sporting gear or holiday decorations.

4. As a container for your emergency food supplies. Plastic containers are also useful for storing your emergency food supplies, as they keep out bugs and moisture. They can even be used to bury your food cache in the back yard so that you have your supplies near you in the event of a natural disaster or war, but don't have to give up a closet or basement space for the project.

5. As a kids' craft table. Another clever use for a plastic storage bin is to use it as a table for your kids to glue, glitter and paint. You can store the craft materials inside the bin and stow it out of sight when it's not in use. Plus, the plastic lid is easy to remove and clean.

While plastic storage bins are best known as places to store clothing, these versatile containers can be used in a myriad of unexpected ways, from making cat towers to creating mini greenhouses. Click here for more info on these types of containers.