Live In An Apartment And Need Snow Tires During Winter? Rent A Storage Unit

4 April 2016
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Driving in snowy and icy conditions will always come with some degree of risk, regardless of whether you are driving with all-season tires or the best snow tires on the market. However, driving with tires that are not specifically designed to handle harsh winter conditions will require you to be extra careful on the road. The performance difference can save your life, so even if you live in an apartment, you should make it a top priority to get snow tires. To store your all-season tires for a few months, you will want to rent a storage unit from a facility like Stevens Creek Storage.

Rent the Smallest Unit Possible

Tires do not need to be stored in a single layer for them to be safe. The two orientations that work are upright and stacked on top of each other, which is perfectly fine when you are only storing a single set of tires. So, you can get away with renting the smallest unit that you can find, which should be around 5x5.

Store Other Seasonal Gear

Renting a small storage unit will give you room for your snow tires or all-season tires, depending on the time of year, but the tires will not be the only thing that you can store inside. Even in a 5x5 unit, you will have extra storage space to spare, which is the perfect opportunity to store seasonal gear.

Prep the Tires Beforehand

After you get your tires taken off for the season or for most of the year, you will want to prep them for going into storage. The most important parts of the process include making sure the tires are spotless, which you can accomplish with a combination of soap, water, and scrubbing with an abrasive brush. The next thing is to get the tires fully dry, and then put them into plastic storage bags that you can give an airtight seal. This process will keep the tires from drying out and cracking, which would require them to be replaced.

Get Climate Control

If you want to guarantee the successful storage of your tires, you should pick a climate controlled unit. When tires are exposed to extreme elements, such as heat or cold, their lifespan is reduced. Also, even with airtight plastic bags, humidity can seep through and cause issues with the tires.

Since you will only need to access your storage unit a couple of times per year, you can expand your search to anywhere from a few miles to 30 or 40 miles away to save money on a monthly basis. In the end, having snow tires that you can rely on during wintertime will help you stay safe on the road.