5 Reasons To Hire Professionals For Piano Moving

6 April 2016
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While it may be tempting to try to move all your belongings yourself, in some cases this really isn't a good idea. For example, piano moving is better when left to the professionals for a number of reasons.

1. Protect Your Investment

Pianos are expensive, costing thousands of dollars. If they aren't moved properly and with great care, they can become damaged. This can mean an expensive repair bill or even make it so it's necessary to buy a whole new piano. Piano moving companies use special moving techniques to limit the potential for damage. This can mean taking the piano apart and wrapping the pieces separately in some cases or carefully wrapping a fully assembled piano and using special equipment in others. Even if the outside structure of the piano isn't damaged, the inside contains more than 1,000 moving parts that could be damaged if not properly moved. If any of these small parts are damaged, the piano won't play properly once it's settled in its new home.

2. Minimize Safety Risks

Because pianos can weigh hundreds of pounds, it isn't very safe for untrained individuals to move them, especially in cases where stairs are involved. Not only could dropping the piano damage the instrument, it could also cause serious injuries to the people attempting to move the piano. Improperly trying to lift a piano could also cause injuries to your back, legs or other body parts.

3. Consider Difficulty Level

Besides potentially having to deal with carrying something heavy up and down stairs, there are other difficulties to moving pianos. For example, a piano that is fully assembled doesn't fit through some doors and may not be able to go around corners. Do you know how to take apart and put together a piano properly with all those moving parts?

4. Better Transportation Options

Moving a piano yourself often limits the potential transportation options to a small truck, van or trailer with ropes or a makeshift stabilization system. A professional mover will have a properly padded truck with special restraints that are more likely to prevent damage should anything unexpected happen while on the road between the old and new locations for the piano.

5. Consider a Cost-Benefits Analysis

It typically costs anywhere from $100 to $1,000 to move a piano using a professional piano mover and not just a regular mover, depending on the type of piano and where it needs to be moved. The special boards needed to properly move a piano can cost up to $700, so most regular moving companies and individuals aren't properly equipped to move pianos the safest way, increasing the risk of damage and a potentially expensive repair bill or replacement cost.

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