Putting Your Belongings In Storage When You Move: How To Organize Your Things

6 April 2016
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Few things are more frustrating than moving, and when you have to place your belongings in storage while you make your transition, you can feel overwhelmed in knowing how to keep everything organized. When using residential storage services, use these tips to keep your belongings in check so when you are ready to move everything into your new home, you already know just where to start.

Color-code each room

You can buy plastic storage bins in a variety of colors, or use clear plastic bins that you can mark with colored markers to help you organize your belongings by room. This coding system is simple: each room is assigned a different bin color, such as purple for the kitchen, yellow for the dining room, and so on. Furniture in the same rooms that will be going into storage can likewise be color-coded by a similar-hued ribbon or tape to identify where everything will go.

When you place your bins and furnishings in storage, place each color by their similar counterparts so you know which room you are organizing when you pull everything out of storage again. This makes relocating all your belongings in your new residence much easier.

Write down where everything is

If you need to rent more than one storage unit, label each box by number and place numbers 1-50 in one storage unit, and 50-100 and so on in your second unit. Each numbered box or bin should also have a description next to it (1 being kitchen utensils, for example), so if you only need one particular bin, you know which number it is and which unit you will find it in.

Furniture should also be accounted for, so you know which storage unit is housing your couches and which one has your area rug or lamps. Writing down where everything is takes the guesswork out of locating items in each of your rented units.

Organize by room

If you place all your belongings in storage according to bin number and color, then you should easily be able to reorganize your new location by setting up each room one at a time. Try to avoid pulling everything out of storage at once, as this can create chaos and take up a lot of space. When you do one room at a time, you keep better track of your belongings and spend less time trying to place everything where it goes at once.

Moving to a new residence can feel like a chore, especially when you have to put everything in storage for a while. Use this guide to help you keep your belongings easier to organize at a place like Fidelity Moving & Storage Co Inc.