4 Ways To Avoid A Moving Disaster When Renting A Moving Container

7 April 2016
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Renting a moving container instead of relying on the services of the traditional moving truck can be a welcome substitute, especially if you are going to be moving a long distance and don't want to fuss over making sure the moving truck is driven safely all the way there. While it's likely that your moving container can be safely delivered to your new home without much trouble, you should look into what steps you can take towards making sure that the moving container is packed properly and that you won't find any problems after settling in after the move.

Take Inventory of Everything Going In and Out

Knowing exactly what is being brought in and out of your home is something that should be done even for moving trucks, but it is often forgotten about when you're packing a moving container that will be shipped separately. Inventory can be done using a notepad, smartphone, or laptop, allowing you to jot down every item that is being packed so that nothing will go missing during the move or left behind.

Schedule the Moving Container Ahead of Time

One of the easiest ways to make sure that you get a fair price for the rental of a moving container is making the appointment for the container to arrive well in advance. Once you are clear on the date of your move or the window of when you can move, you should be able to begin contacting several moving companies to see what their options are for moving containers and when you can expect one to arrive at your home.

These early reservations can even open up the opportunities of discounts that you may not have been aware of if you had waited and needed to book in a hurry. 

Make Sure to Have Everything on Paper

After you've made the decision to rent a moving container from a specific company, you want to make sure that you have accurate paperwork detailing all the necessary information—including the price and date that the moving container will be delivered.

Keep High Value Items with Yourself During the Move

Some important documents and even jewelry should never be placed in a moving container due to the chance that it could always go missing. Storing these valuables in a secure box and keeping them with you, instead of the moving container, can help a lot with securing a problem-free move.

As you prepare for the task of renting a moving container, it is beneficial to consider some of the above tips so that you have a good experience.

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